April 10, 2015 Blane Warrene

Cybersecurity in Financial Services: Webinar Replay

If you missed our webinar on April 9, 2015, the replay recording is below. We explore what we believe are the central approaches to shoring up the security of devices and systems for financial advisors. Central is behavior, which is the Achilles heel of any security strategy. Hardware and software alone will not prevent bad actors from intruding upon devices and data. It is key to adopt habits that consider the risks when working outside of the firewall of our offices.

To learn more about better security habits for you and your business you can take advantage of our Cybersecurity Spot-Audit.

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Blane Warrene

Recognized as an industry leader in financial services business development and technology, Blane has worked in progressive roles in operations, technology and compliance in the industry. He co-founded Arkovi Social Media Archiving in 2009 with Carl Cline and Tyson Lowery - successfully raising capital and delivering a modern software as a service solution for business use of social media. Blane also co-founded QuonWarrene with Neal Quon in 2009. In October 2012 Arkovi was acquired by RegEd. Blane continues to advise companies via QuonWarrene. In addition, Blane is a sought-after speaker and panelist at industry and corporate conferences where he brings a fresh and innovative approach to business issues. An avid blogger and well known on twitter, @blano, he is actively engaged in social media providing thought leadership in compliant communications. Blane serves as a board member for the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historic landmark.

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