July 10, 2014 Blane Warrene

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QuonWarrene Announces New Spot-Audit Service

Fullerton, California—July 10, 2014— QuonWarrene today announces an expansion to its services tailored for financial advisors and institutions, introducing the Spot-Audit. The Spot-Audit is designed for expert advice to be delivered quickly.  Through it we examine the current state of an advisor’s technology and help make specific, key decisions. The Spot-Audit focuses on a single priority defined by the client, delivering an expedited report offering actionable advice and recommendations.

The Spot-Audit is powered by the methodology used in QuonWarrene’s Blueprint and Concierge services. This includes a tailor-made questionnaire paired with collaborative discussions with a client for discovery.  The QuonWarrene team then applies their industry expertise and deep knowledge of general and financial services practice technology to the process.

“That same process is also informed by the analysis and research we have performed across hundreds of financial advisor practices,” said QuonWarrene co-founder Neal Quon. “That in conjunction with our monitoring of the latest trends in the industry makes this a compelling offering.”

The Spot-Audit Report provides specific feedback including recommendations for changes to procedures while also advising on possible apps or providers who can help continue to streamline practice operations while limiting disruptions to productivity or the client experience.

Examples of Spot-Audit usage include:

  • Assessing cyber security and privacy in light of new FINRA & SEC priorities,
  • Choosing service providers, such as CRM or financial planning solutions,
  • Strengthening backup and business continuity capabilities,
  • Making buying decisions about smart phones and tablets.

“The most common request we get is – ‘Can you help me with this one decision?’” added Blane Warrene, co-founder of QuonWarrene. “The Spot-Audit enables us to now do that in a structured and efficient process.”

About QuonWarrene

Neal Quon and Blane Warrene founded QuonWarrene in 2009. The two have spent their careers in the financial services industry, bringing a combined ‘street smart’ front office and back office expertise to the firm.

They saw a significant gap emerging as technology took center stage and have designed a methodology for matching the right solutions with their clients, unlocking optimal efficiencies and return on investment.

By designing a process to assess, analyze and advise on technology and operations for our clients, QuonWarrene created a clearer picture for those firms to see and engage in a modern, digital business plan.

The QuonWarrene methodology uniquely identifies the solutions and processes needed to improve profitability and efficiency. QuonWarrene clients leverage this to grow and sustain their business during normal times as well as when transitional events may occur.

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Blane Warrene

Recognized as an industry leader in financial services business development and technology, Blane has worked in progressive roles in operations, technology and compliance in the industry. He co-founded Arkovi Social Media Archiving in 2009 with Carl Cline and Tyson Lowery - successfully raising capital and delivering a modern software as a service solution for business use of social media. Blane also co-founded QuonWarrene with Neal Quon in 2009. In October 2012 Arkovi was acquired by RegEd. Blane continues to advise companies via QuonWarrene. In addition, Blane is a sought-after speaker and panelist at industry and corporate conferences where he brings a fresh and innovative approach to business issues. An avid blogger and well known on twitter, @blano, he is actively engaged in social media providing thought leadership in compliant communications. Blane serves as a board member for the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historic landmark.