At QuonWarrene we help advisory firms make decisions to select, implement and optimize the technology that is used in their firms. Our Financial Technology Spotlight is an opportunity to highlight and educate the community on new and emerging firms in the marketplace.

Financial Technology Spotlight

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 Topic  Speakers  Date
Alpha, Beta, and Now… Gamma Neal Quon and David Blanchett April 4th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
How risk assessment can build your business Neal Quon and Mark Friedenthal March 7th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
The New Way to Acquire and Retain Clients: Advanced Data-Gathering Neal Quon and Don Whalen February 7th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
How to Increase Your Prospect Win Rate With Financial Planning Neal Quon and Ted Denbow January 10th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Differentiating Yourself as a Financial Advisor Neal Quon and Jay Mooreland  December 5th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Compliance ROI – Is Compliance a Cost or an Investment? Blane Warrene and Chris Winn November 1st at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Reaching the Client of the Future: Making the Connection Neal Quon and Cimarron Buser  October 4th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Portfolio Risk:  Calculated, Communicated, Documented Mike Chochon, Ron Piccinini, Blane Warrene  September 19th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Engaging new clients with financial planning Noah Herman and Neal Quon  August 2th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Using YCharts for robust investment research Dave Lubnik and Blane Warrene  July 12th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Foundations for Success in Post-DOL World Niko Karvounis and Neal Quon  June 7th at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Secrets of Client Engagement  Khalid Usmani and Neal Quon May 3rd at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
Evaluating Your Practice David Coyle and Neal Quon April 5th, 2016. 1p Pacific/4p Eastern
How Planning is Evolving in a Digital Age Abby Schneidermen, Ammon Brown and Neal Quon March 1st, 2016
An Elegant Retirement Planning Solution Michael Roth and Neal Quon February 1st, 2016
E-Advisor: What Does it Take to be One Maggie Crowley, Corey Westphal and Neal Quon January 2016
 Cybersecurity and Financial Services  Blane Warrene  May 2015
 Mobile Productivity and Financial Services  Blane Warrene  April 2015


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