June 17, 2015 Blane Warrene

QuonWarrene & Impact Communications Partner for Morningstar Investment Conference

CHICAGO, Jun. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The Morningstar Investment Conference enters its 27th year as one of the investment industry’s most respected annual events. This year’s conference will feature investment insights and analysis from top mutual fund managers and industry leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the speakers through keynote presentations, breakout sessions, round-table discussions and exhibit hall interaction — including the Digital and Social Media Center being staffed by communications and technology experts from QuonWarrene and Impact Communications.

Located in the exhibit hall, the Digital and Social Media Center will offer live instruction and free 1:1 consultations on how to create and effectively leverage engaging digital content in today’s increasingly mobile world. Topics of interest include:

  • Interactive Social Media Using Audio and Video
  • Networking Strategies with LinkedIn
  • Building Media Skills and Engaging Journalists
  • Virtual Presentation Skills
  • The Technology of Digital Marketing
  • Author! Author! Should I Write a Book?

“Morningstar’s social media center has evolved quite dramatically over the past five years,” said Blane Warrene, co-founder of technology consulting firm QuonWarrene. Warrene, who has served for many years as an expert at prior Morningstar and other industry events, sees advisor adoption of technology and the evolution of industry solutions as a catalyst for the comprehensive view being embraced by the Morningstar Investment conference organizers. “Being digital is essential, and in financial services can mean many things,” Warrene said.

“In this year’s Digital and Social Media Center, we’ll be talking not just about social media and content marketing strategies but about online visibility and the technology we use to power our efforts. Case in point: Marie Swift of Impact Communications will be bringing her digital video equipment and the person on her team who runs it. I’ll be bringing the equipment I use to record and create podcasts. We’ll be tag-teaming on live presentations and sharing everything we can about digital communications. Join the conversation with the Morningstar Investment Conference hashtag #MICUS.”


Warrene will be supported by QuonWarrene partner, Neal Quon. Swift will be supported by teammates Jessica Taylor and Quinn Law. “Bringing together the power of modern public relations with the understanding of how to harness technology to ensure our brands are visible and positioned well is more critical than ever,” said Swift. “Impact Communications and QuonWarrene live in the financial services trenches helping business operate efficiently and effectively grow.”

“We are thrilled to bring our combined expertise to this Morningstar event. We hope all our old friends and many new acquaintances will stop by the digital center — in exhibit hall space #223. We want to hear what they are doing to build relationships using digital tools and will share everything we can in this regard as well,” Warrene said.


“Visitors will be invited to pick a topic from an interactive/tactile board,” explained Quon. “We’ll do a mini-presentation right there, on the spot, if there is a group interested in that topic. Or we will pull up some comfortable chairs and sit face to face in a more personal dialog. We’ll also be demonstrating some of the hardware we use to capture and create digital content. Oh, and one last thing: we are giving away a fully-functioning foldable bicycle – so stop by and drop your business card in the hat!”


eal Quon and Blane Warrene founded QuonWarrene in 2009. The two have spent their careers in the financial services industry, bringing a combined “street smart” front office and back office expertise to the firm. The two saw a significant gap emerging as technology took center stage and have designed a methodology for unlocking the quotient in a financial business. They believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. For more information visit http://www.quonwarrene.com.


Founded by industry veteran Marie Swift in 1993, Impact Communications specializes in developing effective client communications and marketing strategies for a select group of highly successful financial advisors and allied institutions. Widely respected as a marketing professional with a loyal following, Swift, along with her team, works with highly successful independent financial advisors and allied institutions to increase both visibility and credibility within their niche markets. In addition to marketing strategy and media promotions, the firm offers clients graphic design services, content creation, book publishing services, and executive coaching. For more information visit www.impactcommunications.org.

Media Contact: Leesy Palmer, Impact Communications, 913-649-5009, leesypalmer@impactcommunications.org

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Blane Warrene

Recognized as an industry leader in financial services business development and technology, Blane has worked in progressive roles in operations, technology and compliance in the industry. He co-founded Arkovi Social Media Archiving in 2009 with Carl Cline and Tyson Lowery - successfully raising capital and delivering a modern software as a service solution for business use of social media. Blane also co-founded QuonWarrene with Neal Quon in 2009. In October 2012 Arkovi was acquired by RegEd. Blane continues to advise companies via QuonWarrene. In addition, Blane is a sought-after speaker and panelist at industry and corporate conferences where he brings a fresh and innovative approach to business issues. An avid blogger and well known on twitter, @blano, he is actively engaged in social media providing thought leadership in compliant communications. Blane serves as a board member for the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historic landmark.

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