The Spot-Audit is powered by the methodology used in QuonWarrene’s Blueprint and Concierge services. This includes a tailor-made questionnaire paired with collaborative discussions with a client for discovery. In this process – we focus in on a singe priority you identify as an immediate need. The QuonWarrene team then applies their industry expertise and deep knowledge of general and practice technology to the process.

Examples of Spot-Audit usage includes:

  • Assessing security and privacy in light of new FINRA & SEC priorities
  • Determining the right service providers, such as CRM or financial planning solutions
  • Strengthening backup and business continuity capabilities
  • Making buying decisions about smart phones and tablets

The Process

The Spot-Audit Report provides specific feedback including recommendations for changes to procedures while also advising on possible apps or providers who can help continue to streamline practice operations while limiting disruptions to productivity or the client experience.

  • You complete an assessment questionnaire to capture your current status

  • We hold a collaborative call to discuss and learn the context of your business and identifying the single priority for our efforts in this audit

  • We develop a written assessment with our analysis and specific recommendations.

This ability to quickly see your potential through a “before and after” perspective allows you to make decisions about your technology investments looking forward.

G. P. S. Service Overview

The Technology Spot-Audit™

The Technology Spot-Audit™ is our proven introductory process to the Guided Planning Services (GPS).

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The Technology Blueprint

This takes the QuonWarrene GPS methodology and becomes the Technology Business Plan for the future of your business.

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The GPS Concierge

The GPS Concierge is an elite package of services that includes the Spot-Audit™ and Technology Blueprint. QuonWarrene then provides team support for 12 months, helping facilitate, liaison with vendors and coach on best practices.

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