The GPS Concierge is an elite package of services taking full advantage of the QuonWarrene GPS methodology. After completing an initial Spot-Audit™ and our Technology Blueprint – we serve as quarterback, serving as facilitator, liaison and best practices coach for 12 months.

The Process:

  • You complete an assessment questionnaire to capture your current status. „e also provide Spot-Audit™ to address immediate issue needing attention

  • Through a series of collaborative meetings, we determine the strategic and tactical needs and goals for your business longer term

  • We develop a comprehensive Technology Blueprint report. This includes an assessment of your current status along with our detailed analysis and recommendations.

  • QuonWarrene begins the implementation component by acting as Concierge to all of the providers and vendors needed to fully execute your Technology Blueprint.

  • We act as a project manager for your internal team while also bringing our own team resources to assist in implementation tasks and training your staff.

The GPS Concierge empowers you to add significant capability during your implementation without the burden of adding direct staff and resources inside of your business.

Delivered by our team, this gives you access to individual experts in financial services and in the technology disciplines core to our industry.

G. P. S. Service Overview

The Technology Spot-Audit™

The Technology Spot-Audit™ is our proven introductory process to the Guided Planning Services (GPS).

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The Technology Blueprint

This takes the QuonWarrene GPS methodology and becomes the Technology Business Plan for the future of your business.

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The GPS Concierge

The GPS Concierge is an elite package of services. This takes full advantage of the QuonWarrene GPS methodology.

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