May 5, 2014 Blane Warrene

The A to Z Guide to Asset Management Marketing

Kurtosys, who are seeking to redefine fact sheets (desperately needed), has also looked to experts both in their organization and others in financial services (including our own Blane Warrene) to produce the A to Z Asset Management Marketing. From apps to compliance to marketing techniques – strong fundamentals and advice are within. Get the guide here (there is an email gateway for the report – however – the advice is very good within).


Blane Warrene

Recognized as an industry leader in financial services business development and technology, Blane has worked in progressive roles in operations, technology and compliance in the industry. He co-founded Arkovi Social Media Archiving in 2009 with Carl Cline and Tyson Lowery - successfully raising capital and delivering a modern software as a service solution for business use of social media. Blane also co-founded QuonWarrene with Neal Quon in 2009. In October 2012 Arkovi was acquired by RegEd. Blane continues to advise companies via QuonWarrene. In addition, Blane is a sought-after speaker and panelist at industry and corporate conferences where he brings a fresh and innovative approach to business issues. An avid blogger and well known on twitter, @blano, he is actively engaged in social media providing thought leadership in compliant communications. Blane serves as a board member for the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historic landmark.